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Dancer Evelyne Benais first encountered flamenco in 1993 at the Don Quixote, a flamenco tavern in Toronto, where she would later start her career under the direction of Carmen Romero. She then moved to Newfoundland where she convinced St. John's rock guitarist Bob Sutherby to plunge into the genre, and in 1996, El Viento Flamenco was born on the wind-swept shores of the Avalon Peninsula. The entire troupe, including singer Sean Harris and percussionist Tony Tucker, moved to Halifax in 2001, where they added dancers/singers Maral Perk and Megan Matheson. They have all pursued flamenco with a passion --traveling repeatedly to Seville to study with masters and steeping themselves in this rich cultural tradition.

In the last five years they have toured extensively throughout Atlantic Canada, including all the Atlantic Presenters and Arts and Culture Centres; they have performed at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa; they have made several regional and national appearances on CBC radio and television, they have performed at Government House for the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, they have had their music arranged for orchestra for two concerts with Symphony Nova Scotia, and they have been featured in a half-hour documentary on Bravo Television.

Evelyne Benais
Photo: Shane Kelly

Evelyne Benais  Dancer

Evelyne trained for six years in Seville under Juana Amaya, Concha Vargas, Manolo Marin, and others, and in Canada under Carmen Romero and Esmeralda Enrique. Her dancing is described as "charismatic, elegant and powerful".

Sean Harris
Photo: Annette Reichel

Sean Harris  Singer

Sean began singing from a very early age and became a versatile performer, tackling classical, blues, rock, gospel and eventually flamenco. His training in Canada and Spain with teachers Juan del Gastor and Patricio Tito helped him develop a flamenco voice that has been described as “rich, soaring and heart-rending”. He currently performs with El Viento, Los Flamencos and Cuban music group Latin Groove.

Maral Perk
Photo: courtesy IWD

Maral Perk  Singer/Dancer

Maral began singing as a child in the Sayat Nova Choir in Istanbul, Turkiye. She continued singing after moving to Halifax. In 2002 she joined El Viento Flamenco as vocalist but also took an interest in the dance, whereupon she began studying with Evelyne Benais. Maral has recently been to Seville, Spain where she studied with voice teachers Paco Taranto and Laura Vital, as well as with dance teachers Pilli Ogalla, Yolanda Heredia and Carmen Ledesma. She brings to flamenco her exotic background in Armenian and Turkish cultures.

Megan Matheson
Photo: courtesy HRSB

Megan Matheson  Dancer

Megan has always taken an interest in the arts, especially singing and dancing. She began flamenco dance with Evelyne Benais in 2002. Since joining El Viento Flamenco she has traveled to Seville, Spain to study with Juana Amaya, Rafael de Carmen, Andrés Peña, Manuel Betanzos and others. In addition to dancing, Megan is developing her multiple talents in flamenco singing and percussion, as well as creating her own choreographies. She currently performs with El Viento Flamenco and Los Flamencos, as well as directing the El Viento Flamenco School of Dance.

Bob Sutherby
Photo: Paul Shea

Bob Sutherby  Guitarist

Bob took up guitar in his teens and quickly realized he wanted to make a career of music. After performing with many different bands and learning many different styles, in 1996 his career took an unexpected turn when he co-founded El Viento Flamenco with Evelyne Benais. After moving to Halifax in 2001 Bob co-founded Los Flamencos as well as world music group Talambra. He has studied flamenco in Canada and Spain with Patricio Tito, Juan del Gastor, Miguel Aragón, Juan Martín, Flavio Rodrigues and Arcadio Marín.

Tony Tucker
Photo courtesy HRSB

Tony Tucker  Percussionist

Tony's extensive experience with African and Cuban drumming, Newfoundland Celtic and even Hard Rock kit drumming have given him the subtlety and dynamism necessary to a flamenco band. He currently performs with El Viento, Los Flamencos and African music acts Fola and Kojo, as well as being a drum instructor at Buckley’s Music.

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